My Breast Expansion Adventure!
Did You Know...
In the early 1800s the fashion was for wide-set breasts. This style of corset was known as "divorces" and was achieved by a complex system of boning, invented by the corset-maker Leroy. Another feature incorporated at this time allowed women the ability to lace and unlace themselves using a system of pulleys.
Greetings! Welcome to my playground! I'm so happy that you've decided to check me out. I'm just a regular girl who loves big tits and who is lucky enough to have my own set to play with. :D

I want you to have as enjoyable a time here as I do. Being obsessed with gigantic breasts is something that should be fun and rewarding! In my world, feel free to drool over my massive mams, read erotic big breast centered stories, check out the tremendously endowed artwork, mess around with my games, visit my store, and most importantly, becum part of my world by helping shape the site with your participation. Now get busy! Let's have some fun!

Keisha Evans
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